Sony Wena Watch Configurator

At: Hugo & Cat
Sony Wena Watch Configurator
For: Sony
Greensock (GSAP)

This was a collection of two web apps for ground-breaking products released by Sony under the same project. One for the FES, and one for Wena watches.

The two projects centred around the main goal - show the great number of variations and combinations possible with Wena and FES watches and allow users to choose them.

The Wena system allowed for a distinguished analogue watch face with the benefits of a smart strap for things like electronic payment.

Both web apps needed to work seamlessly within the Sony website eco-system so I made the choice to use React and bundle this into web views within their CMS. With no control over anything outside of the app the name-spaced app prevented conflicts on page and React allowed a neat working environment.

Using a paper display (similar to kindle) the FES allows users to try different designs of watch face and strap. And another


If time had allowed I'd have liked to spend more time tweaking the animations.